How to use ChatGPT for LiveOps to increase your game’s LTV

Nick Banner
5 min readJan 24, 2023
how to improve my game’s LTV
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In the mobile game development industry, more and more publishers every month are switching to LiveOps.

With the hyper-casual market already in (supposed) decline for the last few years, along with the previous year marked by huge layoffs and studio acquisitions, it is only natural that all of the big players have jumped on the LiveOps boat, or they are strongly considering it.

Increased CPIs in combination with decreased marketing spent budgets, lead to increased budgets to optimize projects that have already proved their profitability, while decreasing budgets for new game-hits discovery.

For over a year now with some of my teams, we have been entrusted to work on the top-earning mobile games, from one of the top publishers in the world. Our job was simple, the goal was very clear:

Increase D7 LTV.

Enter LiveOps.

LiveOps in our line of business usually refers to the process of improving KPIs (more specifically the LTV one), usually through A/B feature testing.

A/B testing is crucial for this endeavor. Do not even try your hand at LiveOps without a solid way of testing and concluding results.



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